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My goal is to exceed your  expectations all the time. Every Paint Protection might need a Paint Correction or preparation process involve, even Brand New Cars.   Since 2017 I'm a Gtechniq certified applicator offering Total Surface Protection. Ceramic Paint Protection with 9 and 5 years warranty. Plastics, windows, front face of the wheels, callipers, door jams, headlights, taillights get protected. Free quotes. 

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Paint correction from: $ 475 + GST.

Paint protection from:  $1199 + GST.


Exterior Detail: Deep cleaning and wash of the exterior and wheels including wheel arches, chemical and mechanical decontamination, hand dried and then machine polish to remove imperfections price is from $475  + GST.

Paint Correction: is a long and labour intensive process which will remove defects and imperfections in paintwork such as swirls marks, scratches, buffer trials and oxidation. Utilizing the best products and safest techniques, I am able to take paint in any condition to a whole new level of clarity and shine, without compromising the paint thickness.

I can usually guarantee full correction of > 90% of paint defects present (subject to paint depth) with the process taking on average 8 – 16 hours to complete. Paint correction can often eliminate the need for a expensive re-spray.

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